Have you ever sat down with your client, presented illustration’s, taken the application, assured the client
that everything is in order only to have case stall after submitting the case?
Does any of this sound familiar...?

• An application question is missing or incomplete
• Signatures are missed
• The dates don’t match up
• The document is unreadable due to being scanned/printed numerous times

We have teamed up with Express Complete to provide a solution to your frustration !

Express Complete is a web-based multi-carrier quote, quick ticket and e-Application platform that simplifies the sale of life insurance.

When quick tickets are selected, carrier provided fulfillment centers act as your administrative help making your life easier.

Using Express Complete is simple for agents & clients alike. The process ensures applications are complete, legible and sent promptly to the carriers to complete underwriting and get you paid.



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We will assist you in choosing the best products for your client's needs. Whether it’s Life, LTC, DI, annuities or something else, we carry the best products from the best carriers for our great customers.

Case Status

Need to know what’s going on NOW! Status is available on our website or your mobile device as well as direct from the horse’s mouth. Call in anytime to talk to one of those horses, uh sorry, I meant case managers!


We get our illustrations out to you at the speed of light. That’s really, really fast. You can use our website to run your own or contact us and we will get it done for you including Tony's “world-famous” customized UL spreadsheets.

Mobile Access

Get info on the web, on your phone, on your tablet? You bet, with more mobile options coming all the time including mobile term quotes available now!