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About New Generation (So glad you asked)...

New Generation Insurance Marketing, Inc. (boy that's a mouthful) exists to help our customers. Our customers are insurance agents helping their customers get life insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance, annuities and a few other products in place to provide desired security and peace of mind for their families. Insurance agents are good guys that help people!

We help those good guys be even better guys by providing a whole bunch of different insurance products and services in one place that they may otherwise not have easy access to. That makes us really good guys!

We also help obtain insurance for many people with various medical or financial issues that were once considered uninsurable. When we are successful, we party like its New Year's Eve (because we just made everyone very happy). Best guys ever!!!


What we stand for.....

Value Proposition

New Generation will provide the best damn service in the life insurance brokerage business. We will accomplish this by creating an environment where our staff and associates have pride, enthusiasm and a sense of urgency for the work they perform and a desire to do whatever it takes to help the customer.

Core Values


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We will assist you in choosing the best products for your client's needs. Whether it’s Life, LTC, DI, annuities or something else, we carry the best products from the best carriers for our great customers.

Case Status

Need to know what’s going on NOW! Status is available on our website or your mobile device as well as direct from the horse’s mouth. Call in anytime to talk to one of those horses, uh sorry, I meant case managers!


We get our illustrations out to you at the speed of light. That’s really, really fast. You can use our website to run your own or contact us and we will get it done for you including Tony's “world-famous” customized UL spreadsheets.

Mobile Access

Get info on the web, on your phone, on your tablet? You bet, with more mobile options coming all the time including mobile term quotes available now!