A Principal Office of Insurance Designers

ExpressComplete is a multi-carrier quote and short application solution connecting producers to fulfillment centers.

It is an agency specific multi-carrier quoting tool. Agents have the option of using the Analyzer to confirm the rate class, or clicking Application to complete the carrier specific short application. A relfexive interview is used to guide reps through the process of accurately completing the carrier specific short app form. Once complete the form is electronically submitted to the designate fulfillment center.

ExpressComplete has integrated into the CRM. This integration provides system users with the ability to populate applicant data into the appropriate sections of an application or form. Integration with the CRM also provides one click tracking for pending and submitted applications. The ability to access ExpressComplete from the CRM has been proven to increase an agent’s production.

ExpressComplete has been enhanced over the past year with features requested by client agencies. Some of those features are listed below.

  • Option to print PDF complete application and supplemental forms
  • Ability to email quotes, from the quote screen
  • Single sign on process from Agency website to ExpressComplete
  • Expanded user profile allows an agency to specify the platform carriers at the group level
  • Carrier list can include carriers that only offer quoting capabilities.