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By - tcravitz

More Life Insurance sales for the Non-Professional

Did you know we sell Life Insurance? I have been helping a number of property and casualty agents develop more life sales. This idea can work for any agent or agency not specializing in life insurance. Many agents wait for the customer to bring up life insurance and then react. This simple question: “did you

By - tcravitz

Hot New Annuity for Short Term Cash

We have a new product for people looking for a  short term decent interest rate. Lots of people are looking for safe returns. Great American’s NEW SecureGain 3 fixed annuity will be available for sale Monday, September 23. This product offers: 2.5% for three years, no matter how the market performs Option to surrender without penalty

By - tcravitz

Insurance Made Easy

Have you ever thought it was too expensive or time consuming to write smaller term cases? We have as well. Try using a simple online drop ticket platform. We use Express Complete. Regardless of the carrier you choose (among those on the platform), you will complete the same few simple pages for your client. It